In the Spotlight: Professor Nuket Kardam

21 10 2008

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Professor Nuket Kardam of the International Policy School on a creative addition she wanted to use with a grant proposal for the Institute.  Her project is entitled “Visionary Women: Culture and Women’s Voices from Turkey” and she proposes displaying Turkey’s diversity and cultural richness through digital story telling.  The focus of her work will be women who are leaders that exude a communitarian spirit, that are trustworthy, humble, patient, and generous.

For the creative part of her project, Professor Kardam wanted to put together a slideshow of photos that included background music and a voiceover.  We used photos that were digitally scanned, a song from her iTunes library and iMovie 08 to put it all together.  

It was great to collaborate with Professor Kardam as she was very enthusiastic about incorporating digital media into her work.  After we finished the editing we uploaded the video to so she could share this with her colleagues, students, family and friends. 




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