El Salvador Practicum MOU Signing

8 03 2009

This January, a small group composed of IEP, IPS, Business, T&I and TESOL students went to rural El Salvador for the Team Monterey Development Practicum.  Each year, Team Monterey partners with a local community based organization in the Bajo Lempa region of El Salvador called La Coordinadora Asociación Mangle.  A very poignant moment in the trip was when the two institutions formalized their relationship with the sining of a Memorandum of Understanding at La Coordinadora’s administrative headquarters on Thursday, January 22, 2009.  

Digital Media Commons graduate assistant and Team Monterey participant Ryan Gonzalez took a high-definition hard drive camcorder into the field to document the experiences and narratives for Salvadorans and MIIS students alike which will culminate into a 20-30 minute film.  

Ryan is currently in the final stages of editing the footage from the MOU ceremony.  Editing is being done on Final Cut Studio.  The documentary is anticipated to be completed in early April.

Opening Credits for MOU Ceremony:




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